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Happy New Year everyone! And it’s got off to a good start as the girls have so far laid 8 eggs, their best effort since 5th October. They’re still upset about being kept in the pen due to the avian flu threat but only another week to go unless DEFRA extend the measures.

I found my old paints in the garage. I expected that most of the box would need to be thrown out but, lo and behold, most of the contents were fine. Now I just needed the inspiration. Then one of my fellow LinkedIn Chicken Lovers asked for photos she could use for her art. I can’t resist the opportunity to show off my chux so I emailed her a couple of shots of the boys. I look forward to seeing the resultant art but in the meantime her website is:

… whilst I’ve been worming the chucks is how many pellets they eat when they can’t free range outside the pen. Given that most of the girls aren’t laying and how short the day is – I let them out of the coops at 8am and put them back in at roughly 4.30 pm – I’m amazed at how fast they are emptying their feeders. At least I can be sure that they are being wormed.

A yucky subject! I’m worming the birds with Flubenvet which means that they are not allowed out of the pen for a week, no corn treats and no hand-feeding. They have made their displeasure apparent and, little do they know, there’s another six days to go!

The best way to start is by introducing the Chux. Photos will be forthcoming over the next days, weeks, months.

Cream Legbars: I have hatched all of these from my original breeding trio. I currently have four boys – Chico, Blondie, Huey and Dewey –  and four girls – Kylie, Connie, Molly and Linda Looey.

Cuckoo Marans: Three ladies – Marilyn, Thomasina and Georgina – that were hatched from eggs I bought over two years ago.

Orpingtons: Three Black ladies – Sally a.k.a. Sally, Mimi and Livia – which I hatched from eggs and two Buff – Fazio, most definitely a boy, and Ingrid – which I bought in, originally planning to breed from them.

Blue Leghorn: Bluey lays one egg a year 😦

French Copper Marans: Jude is a lovely hen that we hatched last year. Bilbo, Bella and Donna are a trio we bought earlier this year.

White Stars: We have four. We named the first two Bonnie and Tyler. However I struggle to tell the difference between them so I’ve been rather lax in naming the two we bought this year. I’m such a bad chicken owner!

Black Rocks: Lulu a.k.a.Houdini and Sonia.