On the first morning of my breeders’ incarceration, after I’d opened their coop, I noticed that they had knocked over their food and water feeders. Of course both were in the far corner so I fetched a bamboo cane to manoeuvre them to within arms’ reach. I was rushed! A boy and three girls jumped over my shoulder in a bid for freedom. Worst still, I’d already opened the pen up for the others so they bolted for the wild bird feeders, down the path, anywhere to escape from me. Kylie was fairly easy to catch. Then I crept up on one of the other girls and took her by surprise. The boy was a little harder. He’s normally very friendly and like to hop onto my shoulder. Of course he wasn’t falling for that this time but I managed to corner him. The last girl was a right slippery customer, slippery being the operative word as the ground is saturated after all the rain we’ve had so the garden is a mudbath.  I managed to catch her just before the Other Half returned from walking the dogs. “Been busy this morning?” Grrrrr.