I have been so remiss in updating this blog, but we have had various visitors and a change in working routine.

Two weeks ago – Tuesday, 28 April – the French Copper Black Marans started hatching. The first five were out by Wednesday midday but one was struggled to crack the shell. We thought it had died several times but it kept moving so eventually we decided to give it a helping hand. The last time we did this it did not end well so it wasn’t a decision we took lightly but, twelve hours after the initial breaking of the shell, the chick emerged. I called it Vi and the following day it rejoined its siblings in the cage. It was a little unsteady for the first day but it’s now caught up, to the extent that I’m no longer able to tell it apart from the others! It will still be some time before we know whether they are girls or boys but at the moment they are all doing well.

Jude Jnr, the first Marans to hatch.

Jude Jnr, the first Marans to hatch.

Out of fourteen eggs we set in the incubator altogether, thirteen hatched which is pretty amazing.

The Cream Legbar chicks have been relocated to a brand new home in the shed. They were due to come off the heat last Saturday but I’ve kept the light on overnight as it has been a bit chilly. However, they are doing so well that I’m hoping to put them outside at seven weeks.

2015-05-06 11.46.34

Cream Legbar boy

We also acquired a couple of Brown ISAs (Warrens) to bolster our current egg layers but more about them in a later post.