Today we set our first batch of eggs of the year in the incubator – 7 Cream Legbars – so we should, fingers crossed, be hatching chicks over the Easter weekend.

At the same time, we swapped over our breeding birds. Chico and his girls were let out of the Eglu to rejoin little sister Lindy Lou aka Linda Looey. The fly in the ointment is that Bluey, our Blue Leghorn hen, picked a fight with the girls a couple of days ago and seems intent on continuing it. Hopefully she’ll get bored with that malarkey very, very soon … Meanwhile, the Frech Cooper Black Marans have moved into the Eglu, or should I say shoved in because they weren’t happy about it.

Roll on Easter weekend when, fingers crossed as we’ve learnt the hard way not to take anything for granted, we’ll have some baby chicks.