My dad bought us a Brinsea mini advance incubator for Christmas 2011. We had no problems the first year we used it. The second year it stopped working in the early hours of the morning two weeks into incubating a batch of Buff Orpingtons. There were a few issues as to where / when it was bought, was it still under guarantee etc. but the suppliers stepped up to the plate and we used it successfully later that year to hatch Jude. Last year, we were hatching Cream Legbars from our own birds so it was a very exciting time for us. We set the eggs but then realized that it wasn’t automatically turning the eggs. We contacted the company – in the meantime we were manually turning the eggs every 45 mins! – and sure enough they got back to us immediately with a replacement motor. Now, you may think I’m having a dig at Brinsea as we had problems, but we are dealing with a sensitive piece of machinery that’s only used a couple of times a year then goes into storage in the garage. The Sales Administrators attended to our issues immediately on both occasions and I really couldn’t fault their customer service. However, with past experience in mind, we got the incubator out this week, a few weeks before we needed it, to test it out. It did what we expected so fingers crossed for a smooth incubation and hatching this year.