I found two boxes of chalk pastels and paper that I had bought twenty years ago but had clearly never used. I think I read the How To books I’d also bought and gave up in despair without actually having a go.

So the effort on the left is my very first attempt at capturing Bilbo in pastels. It was a steep learning curve! The one on the right is my fourth attempt at a piccie, first time I’ve tried watercolours in nearly ten years because I just don’t get them. I am undeterred and will be giving them another shot.


This is my second and third attempts. I made the very basic mistake of not erasing my guidelines before I started applying colour, and using too hard a pencil. Unrecoverable mistakes but, again, I learnt some valuable lessons.


This is my fifth and latest attempt. I actually felt I’d got somewhere with this one so I was pretty happy with it.