On the downside, the recent bad weather has meant that we’ve had fewer egg sales. On the upside, I’ve made the most of it by revising my chicken spreadsheets. It was prompted by a discussion on LinkedIn as someone wanted to know if you had a chicken tracking phone app, what data would you want to capture. Unwittingly, I put my foot in by saying that I find MS Excel does the job i.e. why pay out when it’s easy to do it yourself. Oops! She “didn’t like Excel” so they’d written their own PC application and had been marketing it for some time. (It’s called Chicken Trackin’ if you want to check it out.) They were now looking to develop it, hence the question. Then, someone else pointed out that there is already a phone app on the market called Eggspense that fills the niche, so, if nothing else, the debate probably gave Eggspense a new raft of customers.

Meanwhile, I’m happy with my spreadsheet that captures and calculates all the info I want without the overheads of stuff that doesn’t apply to me.