The best way to start is by introducing the Chux. Photos will be forthcoming over the next days, weeks, months.

Cream Legbars: I have hatched all of these from my original breeding trio. I currently have four boys – Chico, Blondie, Huey and Dewey –  and four girls – Kylie, Connie, Molly and Linda Looey.

Cuckoo Marans: Three ladies – Marilyn, Thomasina and Georgina – that were hatched from eggs I bought over two years ago.

Orpingtons: Three Black ladies – Sally a.k.a. Sally, Mimi and Livia – which I hatched from eggs and two Buff – Fazio, most definitely a boy, and Ingrid – which I bought in, originally planning to breed from them.

Blue Leghorn: Bluey lays one egg a year 😦

French Copper Marans: Jude is a lovely hen that we hatched last year. Bilbo, Bella and Donna are a trio we bought earlier this year.

White Stars: We have four. We named the first two Bonnie and Tyler. However I struggle to tell the difference between them so I’ve been rather lax in naming the two we bought this year. I’m such a bad chicken owner!

Black Rocks: Lulu a.k.a.Houdini and Sonia.